Are You on Auto-Pilot?


The patterns of our life seem to get fixed and remain that way.  We are on auto-pilot when we stay in the same job, eat at the same restaurants, sit in the same chair, watch the same TV shows.  It’s comfortable.  Rhythm and routine are important but it’s a fine line between comfort and no growth.  The problem starts because we live unconsciously, on auto-pilot.

Do you know what you are thinking about in this very moment?  Consciousness is stepping back from our mindless thoughts and operating at a higher level…simply being aware of our thoughts and our current circumstances.  It is being mindful and fully present to the moment with all of our senses.

Are your thoughts in the past or the future?  Are you intentionally single-tasking or multi-tasking?  Did you somehow drive home from work and not recall the trip?  These are the times our thoughts are less than focused, maybe unconscious to us in the moment.  These circumstances happen but it doesn’t have to be that way, at least not all the time.

We must “choose to choose” rather than just be carried through the current of life.  What are some new decisions or behaviors you might choose?  Brainstorm first and allow yourself a moment to chart a new course.  Pick one thing that takes you off auto-pilot.  Consider slowing down or journaling or reading.  Don’t keep doing the same things and expecting a different result.

One thought on “Are You on Auto-Pilot?

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