The Discomfort of Inaction


We know that it is important to seek personal growth, to accept challenges, to move out of our comfort zone.  We should take small or big steps to move us forward to Purpose, Vision and Goals.  We don’t always do this because we lack courage or have some limiting beliefs.  Fear can hold us back but I’m beginning to feel that other negative emotions emerge when we choose avoidance.  We’re going to feel some negative emotion in any case.

Regret is one of those examples.  Regret emerges when we realize that we didn’t do certain things in the past…jobs not applied for, relationships not pursued, dreams not realized.  You can regularly read stories of people who have regrets on their deathbed.  Choosing the seemingly easy path haunts us but with a delayed reaction.

Feeling a moodiness because you procrastinated is another example.  Ending the day and not completing an important task you know needed to get done weighs on our mind.  Lastly, stress exists, maybe due to a value conflict, for not being able to make a crucial decision.  It usually feels better to do something but we become paralyzed because we risk being “wrong”.

We must have the long-view of life.  This is simply choosing the long-term benefit over the short-term pain.  We must accept essential stress.  We need the courage to act or decide now to offset the future negative feelings.

Choose the path of courage and growth today.  Live each day to your potential.

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