Your Ideal Life

Ideal Life

Do you know what your ideal life looks like?  Not something 10 years in the future but today or tomorrow?  I fear that too many people wake up each day and go through the routine of what they have always been doing.

The model below is a simple way to look at how you spend your 168 hours per week in a qualitative way.  Change the rows to whatever you want and simply check the column that matches your need – your vision.  Add detail, for example, seek the specific parts of your job that you love and add specific friends.

Ideal Life 2

Once you complete the table create the action plan to initiate change.  How will you do more of something and less of other things…at work and home?

The big question is WHY you want to do more or less of anything.  Each activity in our lives touches our heart, mind, body or soul in a unique way.  Try to discover what you love.  If you seek the answer to the WHY question you will more likely find the intrinsic value in anything you do.  It is something to seek today. Let your Purpose, Vision and Goals guide you.

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