The Language of Purpose – Mentor for Purpose (Part 4)


My simple premise is that purposeful interactions should occur every day.  This suggests some ways to pursue it.  I’m using the framework of my Live with Purpose Roadmap.  The “words, behaviors and questions” are possibilities for your everyday conversations with family, friends and employees (who become informal mentees).

Know Yourself Deeply

  • Words: Strengths, values, beliefs, desires/needs, roles, fulfilled.
  • Behaviors: Ask open-ended probing questions.  Provide affirmations on observed personal qualities.  Listen quietly.
  • Questions: How does God guide your life?  What are your core values?  What are your uncommon talents?  What activity gives you the most energy?  What beliefs are getting in your way?

Develop a Life Plan

  • Words: Purpose, vision, mission, goals, career plan, budget.
  • Behaviors: Follow-up on the “know yourself” conversations.  Ask if written purpose/goals can be explored.
  • Questions: Do you have a life plan?  What are your goals; are they written?  How do your goals link to your purpose?  What does your ideal life look like?  What would make today a great day?

Live to Your Potential

  • Words: Time, energy, discipline, rhythm, structure, plans, action, results, thriving.
  • Behaviors: Encouragement.  Follow-up on a declared commitment.  Ask about the action plan to accomplish a goal.
  • Questions: How do you use your strengths and uncommon talents?  Did you do one important thing today to meet your goals?  Are you thriving?  Are you living intentionally?

Are you ready to move beyond small talk to the deeper conversations?  Which everyday relationships are ready to move to this level?

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