Purposeful Mentoring Defined – Mentor for Purpose (Part 2)


If you follow me via the Life Solutions Network Newsletter, you might recall that I shared a Live with Purpose Roadmap.  Purposeful mentoring is framed by three themes, all of which have been regular blog topics:

Purposeful mentoring is the simple inclusion of these topics in our day-to day conversation as well as in a formal role (which is even better).  These topics require critical life skills and behaviors, for example:

  • Asking open-ended questions such as “what personal values helped you make that difficult decision”?
  • Using active listening to support someone with empathy.
  • Sharing a special book or internet article to prompt critical thinking.
  • Suggesting the development of a personal vision, career plan or long-term budget.
  • Sending a personal note of encouragement and support.
  • Using language of hope and encouragement….Zapping, not Sapping.

Yes, purposeful mentoring might be expected in a formal role but the power of parents, friends, siblings and managers has the advantage of special (influential) relationships.  I am not discouraging the formal roles.  It works best in a long-term formal mentoring role because of the amount of time that is dedicated and that training and support is offered.   Instead, I dream to make it more common.  We should encourage the “deeper conversations” in everyday life and leverage teachable moments.

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