Know Yourself Deeply – The Path to Purpose (Part 2)

Live with Purpose

“Has anyone ever told you that you are extraordinary?  That you are destined for remarkable things?  That there is a spark of greatness within you?  They should have.” – Unknown

We need people in our lives that see that “spark”…parents, mentors, teachers, best friends and managers.  We also need the quiet introspective time to discover ourselves at a deep level.  Learning about yourself is a life-long “mining for gold” exercise.

There are characteristics of your life that define and guide you uniquely…making you special.  I’ve written about most of these things (follow the links) but have not integrated them into a “path to Purpose”.

  • ValuesHow do you make decisions and choices?
  • BeliefsWhat do you believe?  Are you aware of your thoughts?  Are they positive?
  • PassionsWhat captures your attention so deeply that you can’t stop yourself from doing it?
  • StrengthsDo you know your core talents and uncommon skills?
  • DesiresDo you know the needs and wants of your heart, mind, body and soul?

Insights come regularly and unexpectedly if we pause our busy lives.  Be particularly alert to the needs of the ego and watch for emotional triggers.  These are the experiences that enable us to discover, if only we allow ourselves.  Good spirituality is an important companion too.  Choose to be curious.

Know AND accept yourself…your good side and not-so-good side.  Our uniqueness allows us to play a special role in this interconnected world.  Choose to know yourself deeply!

11 thoughts on “Know Yourself Deeply – The Path to Purpose (Part 2)

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