Time Concepts (Monitor Inputs)


“The days go by slow, the years go by fast!  Live to your potential.

We are gifted with different skills and financial resources but we all have the same amount of time.  Time is a scarce and therefore valuable commodity and it is an essential ingredient in living a life of potential.

We are bombarded with countless opportunities on how to use (or waste) our time.  I like to think of a continuum of “experience categories”: Relaxing > Fun > Necessary > Interesting > Satisfying > Meaningful.  These words, much like money budget categories, allow us to describe how we are “spend” our time.  Increasing our value-added time is an underlying premise.

We all have an internal filter for choosing our inputs but consider a fine-tuning:

  • Purpose, Vision and Goals are the starting point.  If you know who you are and where you are going, it’s easier to make choices.
  • Know your Values and let them guide you consciously for big projects and decisions.
  • Be strategic.  Learn how to say no by setting personal boundaries.  Balance time for family, work, passions and fun.

Hard choices need to get made deliberately.  For example, going back to school for further education, deciding to start a business or a new work project may compete massively with spending more time with the family.  Passions are a funny thing though:  we make time for them and can’t stop ourselves.  It’s a delicate balance.

What is your internal filter to make choices?  Strive for more Satisfying and Meaningful experiences if you want to live to your potential.

4 thoughts on “Time Concepts (Monitor Inputs)

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