A Recipe for Purpose

Life Purpose - Ingredients

Purpose can be a significant driving (calling) force in your life.  So can Vision and Goals but I believe Purpose is a higher-level concept…even spiritual in nature.

I am not a researcher, just a deep observer of life.  I love to read and have been influenced by Matthew Kelly and others.  I teach and mentor.  I observe that there are key ingredients to Purpose including passion, personality, potential and desires.  I further see that there are unique combinations of these for each of us…a recipe that combines various essential ingredients.

Take a look at my model; let me describe each area:

  • Passion is that urge to pursue a cause or interest with energy and flow…those things we can’t stop ourselves from doing more.
  • Personality includes values, attitude and beliefs….and all of the aspects that make us who we are.
  • Potential is our strengths and uncommon skills combined with a desire to grow.
  • Desires are the personal needs and wants of our heart, mind, body and soul.

Significant experiences change the way we look at each of these elements.  If you never did ___ (you fill in the blank), how would know that this could be part of your life?

My “recipe” includes a passion to mentor, a belief of spirituality (we are all connected), a value of service, uncommon skills (short writing, seeing processes) and personal desire (a need to use my intellect).  I think about these underlying elements regularly and find myself still discovering.

What is your unique combination of ingredients?  What is the purpose of your life?

3 thoughts on “A Recipe for Purpose

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