Everyday Courage


Courage is the ability to push forward despite your fear.

It is confronting a situation directly rather than avoiding it.  It is the “strength” we get to move us forward…to our future.  It is decision-making, choices and action in the face of uncertainty and risk.  To be clear, I am not addressing life-threatening situations or phobias.

What are your fears?  Fear of failure, making a mistake, embarrassment, fear of success (maybe you think you don’t deserve it) or simply being in disagreement with someone.  Fear is something beyond our comfort zone and ranges from concern to phobia.  Fear shows up in simple ways…procrastination, not showing up or mental paralysis.

Everyday courage is necessary to move forward on important aspects of your life…your unique purpose, your life vision, your goals.  Courage is needed to make critical life decisions and then to take action.  Courage is an ingredient of growth.  Mistakes and risk are a part of life and living to our potential.  It requires a learning mindset.  Think big and be bold for your life and that of your family.

What do you do about it?  Understand the why behind possible choices to insure your motivations are compelling.  It can be simple things…take one step forward, engage, understand your options and risks, prepare contingencies, leverage your faith.  Everything is a choice.  Experience and mastery leads to confidence which ultimately puts fears aside.  Courage and self-discipline will be life changing.

Is fear a part of your life today?  Where would courage move you?

8 thoughts on “Everyday Courage

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