Life Planning

Life Planning

At work, you might have a project plan.  If you are a small business owner, you likely have a business plan. But what about a “life plan”? I’d like to suggest that this is the most important.

As a starter kit, I propose that your life plan includes the following, most of which I’ve written about in previous blogs.

  • A Life Purpose statement provides integrating clarity for all of your life choices.
  • A Vision causes you to “see” your ideal life.
  • Goals provide clarity on milestones.
  • A long-term Budget lets you make choices between long-term savings and short-term “wants”.
  • Career Plans enable you to link various jobs and assignments into something greater.

There are strategic components to the life planning process, for example, every year renew each of the above.  I like to do this thinking and planning around New Year’s Day.  Every few months ask “am I working on the right things?”

And there are tactical components.  Monthly, ask “am I accomplishing what I said I’d do?” Weekly, ask “what are the few important things to do this week?” I like to do this thinking each Sunday; it takes less than 30 minutes.  Daily, identify “what will I get done today/tomorrow?” I like to do this in the evening so I “hit the ground running” in the morning.

Plans could be informal/loose or formal/detailed.  They could be in your head or on paper.  Plans could be handwritten in a notebook or electronically captured on a document on your computer.  Why not put some rigor into your thinking?  Start now.

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