Intentional Single-Tasking


The topic of mindfulness or “being in the present” is intriguing.  Why is something so apparently simple so difficult to do or maintain?  There are a few “modes” in which we can live our lives…

Single-Tasking:  Mindful.  You are enjoying all the senses:  sight, sound, taste, touch and smell with focus in the “here and now”, not thinking about the past or future.  Some examples:

  • Experiencing God’s creation, walking through the yard, smelling the roses
  • Dinner with the family, TV off, no cell phones, appreciating the home-made food and being together
  • Loving someone with your full attention

Single-Tasking:  Less mindful but focused.  You may be focused but your mind is probably transported somewhere else.  Some examples:

  • Working at your computer, writing a report or solving a problem
  • Praying, full attention on a conversation with God
  • Watching a movie with the lights off
  • Listening to the words of a song with headphones on

Multi-Tasking. This is doing or trying to do two or more things at once. This may be necessary or desired, for example:

  • Watching TV while surfing on the computer
  • Listening to music while you are cleaning the house

Or not desired…

  • Driving home from work, not realizing how you actually got home

Our culture glorifies busy-ness, filling up our days with things to do, both fun and work.  Multi-tasking isn’t bad but it shouldn’t be our only mode of operation.  Let’s live our lives with more intentionality. Let’s be conscious of the mode we are in and seek more single-tasking.

6 thoughts on “Intentional Single-Tasking

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