Do You See Your Future?


“Where there is no vision, there is no hope.” – George Washington Carver

Do you have a personal vision?  Vision is your ability to “see” into the future.  It is part dreaming, part direction and part idealism.  It’s not that we have a crystal ball or ability to predict the future; it’s that we become what we think and believe.  Vision leads to hope and to possibilities.  It is a guide that requires goals and actions.

Vision statements should have some generality to them.  For example, “I am never bored; I am learning something new every day” or “Our house is inviting to family and friends”.  Of course there will be days when you are bored but the language of a vision should be big and bold.  These general statements lead to many potential detailed scenarios.

Visions should have some idealism to them; something not quite in reach now and maybe not even in the foreseeable future.  They should be energizing because they draw us to a new possibility.  We are constantly thinking about it.

Put your vision on paper and post it prominently. Share it with your family and others who will proactively support you.  Revisit and update it regularly as you get clear about what’s most important in your life.  Your vision might include aspects of family, personal growth, career or just about anything of importance.

Vision and Purpose are related but different.  Vision describes where you are headed while Purpose describes who you are and why you exist.  Vision is seeing. Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to “see” your future?

5 thoughts on “Do You See Your Future?

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