The Long View


“How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to?” – Anthony Robbins

One of my strengths is being “futuristic”, something I always knew but was reinforced in a StrengthFinders assessment.  My thoughts normally take me to the future rather than the past.  Knowing my direction and why I’m going somewhere has always been an important motivator…1, 5, 10 and more years out.  The clarity from developing a long-term plan and watching it unfold (usually in unexpected ways) provides personal energy.  The concepts are more important than the details but the process of “painting the picture” is energizing.

The long view requires vision.  Being happily married, engaged with friends and community, enjoying small adventures and living a life of purpose and passion are some elements…until the last day.  Clarity of a personal vision encourages optimism.

The long view requires some subordination of short-term wants for long-term needs and it requires self-discipline.  Here are some examples:

  • Regular exercise and good nutrition support the potential to be thriving at 85 and beyond.
  • Writing and mentoring provide future options for a day when my body might not allow all choices.
  • A 30 year budget (at least since spreadsheets were invented) guided me toward retirement and continues to do so.
  • I pray and nurture my spiritual life because I have faith and hope.

We could choose easier lives now but we might be disappointed or regretful later.  You don’t have to be “futuristic” but I hope that some of your goals are long-term ones.

7 thoughts on “The Long View

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