Write to Clarify Thoughts


Think before you talk; write to help you think.

I find it helpful, even important, to write to clarify my thoughts.  In my corporate life I used to laughingly tell people “I think in slides”.  An idea or concept would come to mind and I would develop and capture a key point or concept for use in a later meeting.

Writing can be in the form of a journal, document, slide, letter or e-mail.  The act of adding a simple sentence or two to a greeting card is another example.  The form depends on the intent.  Your note format would be different for simple communication, introspection, personal goal setting, making a difficult decision, planning an agenda for a complex meeting or seeking to build a group consensus on an idea or recommendation.

Writing (choosing words) forces clarity of thought and enables good communication.  It can be words, pictures, models or diagrams.  Being a “paperless” person, I do all my writing on a computer.  This makes it easy to print/share, copy/paste and make easy updates.  The process of writing also helps me remember.

I think it’s important to write simply (6th grade language) and with brevity (one page).  Personally, I like bullet points rather than paragraphs and models that complement my words.  I write these blogs with a goal or about 250 words since the average adult can read them in one minute.

Give it a try.  Find a style that works for you.

4 thoughts on “Write to Clarify Thoughts

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